nanghavi kanak_hplc

Kanak HPLC™ columns contains a unique porous silica material based on proprietary science from Nanologica AB. This cutting-edge expertise in nano-materials provides the basis for an exceptional type of chromatographic material; uniformly spherical silica particles, densely functionalized with C18 ligands and thoroughly end-capped. Kanak HPLC™ columns offers an excellent peak shape and world-class efficiency with both neutral compounds and bases.
Kanak HPLC™ columns have a chromatographic resin stable between pH 2-8. By virtue of its high ligand density, basic analytes display unrivalled peak shapes with high plate numbers. Utilizing Kanak HPLC™ columns with your HPLC instrument will offer the most reliable and reproducible results. Do not compromise in science.

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