Nanghavi has a pledge to its customers: To be a long term partner providing niche chromatography products and services to the benefit of patients and the pharmaceutical community

We have core competence in two different areas; HPLC and flash. Our HPLC products are used for analytical and preparative analysis on the market and in the pharmaceutical industry. The flash product line offers high-quality flash chromatography cartridges and are used for high-quality separation and purification.

Our Logo- The feather of the Falcon symbolizes our belief in our product. Like that of a falcon which can reach from a speed of 300kmph to 0kmph in 3 seconds without any harm our product is of Strong quality, Consistency & Strength.

Nanologica’s silica particles are measured in micrometers and are visible to the naked eye as a white powder. On the inside, they have a number of pores/holes in the nanometer range.



Delivering Swedish Excellence in Chromatography

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