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Nanghavi is India's first and only company with combined analytical, flash, and preparative chromatography expertise. Our advanced research and quality testing aptitudes help customers transform their discoveries into industry-ready products. We are committed to providing analytical and testing solutions to help our customers throughout the whole life cycle of their product development, research, and quality control.

Nanghavi was founded in 2017. We work in a transparent and highly professional manner with our clients. We help them with pharmaceutical method development, validation processes, analytical protocols, and report documentation.

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Srushti Sanghavi-Shah


Mission Statement

We thrive on creating a world with shields of medical products. Hence, we aim to become the largest manufacturer of HPLC columns in India, with in-house manufacturing from raw materials to ready-to-use products.

Vission Statement

Nanghavi aims to provide safe treatments for patients all around the globe. Our mission is to advance change in the Pharmaceutical industry with our chromatographic applications.

Corporate Values

Our core values are trust, reliability, and consistency. Nanghavi's team consists of experienced analysts, chemists, and technicians. These professionals are our valuable assets maintaining a high level of reliability and trust.

Our Professional Team

Nanghavi Art

We are a growing close-knit team of passionate leaders who thrive to provide value, quality, and practical solutions.