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India's 1st and Only Company to Have Combined Expertise in Analytical, Flash, and Preparative Chromatography

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Nanghavi, founded in 2017, is a joint venture between the Swedish public listed company Nanologica and The Sanghavi family in India. The two companies have partnered to manufacture high-quality HPLC columns and distribute them to the Indian market.

We offer analytical laboratory testing, from advanced R&D research projects to routine quality testing. Our experienced and expert analysts, chemists, and technicians provide these services.

Whether it's research, quality control, or just simple troubleshooting, we aim to give you the crucial support you need to help your business meet its research, development, patient safety, and quality goals.

Our Products & Services

Products & Services we offered

Nanghavi Art

Our diverse team has decades of experience and expertise, from researchers to industry experts. We thrive to achieve our client's goals and visions by working closely with them.


We specialize in manufacturing Analytical HPLC Columns, Preparative pre-packed columns, Bulk Silica and Flash Columns. We offer the best products at affordable prices along with technical support.

laboratory testing services

Technical experts head our well-equipped research and testing laboratories with decades of mastery in analytical and bioanalytical techniques. We design protocols that meet regulatory compliance.

Method development and validation services

We offer method development and validation services to verify different evaluation suitability. We have worked on developing methods and validation for complex genotoxic impurities, excellent protein characterization, etc.

Our Professional Team

Nanghavi Art

We are a growing close-knit team of passionate leaders who thrive to provide value, quality, and practical solutions.


Trusted From Our Clients

Nanghavi Art

Leading Industrial Solution

Nanghavi Art

We have facility to produce advance work various industrial applications based on specially developed technology.

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