Phase Particle Shape Particle Size Pore Size Surface Area
C18 Spherical 2.6, 3.5, 5 µm 110 Å 300 m2/g
C8 Spherical 2.6, 3.5, 5 µm 110 Å 300 m2/g
C4 Spherical 2.6, 3.5, 5 µm 110 Å 300 m2/g
Phenyl Hexyl Spherical 2.6, 3.5, 5 µm 110 Å 300 m2/g
PFP and Cyano Spherical 2.6, 3.5, 5 µm 110 Å 300 m2/g
Core-Shell C18 and Core-Shell Phenyl Hexyl Spherical 2.6, 3.5, 5 µm 110 Å 300 m2/g
Guard Columns Spherical 2.6, 3.5, 5 µm 110 Å 300 m2/g
** Customizations in particle sizes between 2-15µm is available upon request.


Densely bonded ligand on high-quality porous silica

  • Particles with a narrow size distribution range and a pore size of 110 Å
  • Excellent peak shape and efficiency with both neutral compounds and bases
  • Chromatographic resin stable between pH 2-10 (C18) and pH 2-8 (C4 and C8)
  • Outstanding reproducibility between columns and batches
  • Ligand coverage 3.6 μmol/m2
  • d90/d10 < 1.5
  • Very High Plate count: typically 80,000 plates and above for Toluene
  • USP tailing (toluene) < 1.1
  • Reduced plate height (h) ≤ 2.0

Nanghavi uses a uniquely optimized silica technology to produce a highly advanced spherical porous silica.  The highly defined pore and particle size distributions translate to very low back pressures and high plate numbers.
KANAK HPLC columns have been tested and hence proven to have very lifelong life cycles due to the strong silica backbone properties

The proprietary surface chemistry developed by Nanologica gives excellent selectivity across a wide range of chemistry, with a cutting advantage in separating basic molecules.

On offer are a range of phases with different and complementary chromatographic properties. We perform the functionalization at our production laboratory using proprietary production protocols to produce densely functionalized and end-capped silica particles with low residual silanol activity/acidity. The result is particles with excellent chromatographic performance and exceptional chemical stability.

Consequently, we take pride in delivering the best of service and support, to match our product quality and performance as the solution provider in the field of life sciences.

Kanak HPLC™ columns contain a unique porous silica material based on proprietary science from Nanologica AB. This cutting-edge expertise in nano-materials provides the basis for an exceptional type of chromatographic material; uniformly spherical silica particles, densely functionalized with C18 ligands and thoroughly end-capped. Kanak HPLC™ columns offer an excellent peak shape and world-class efficiency with both neutral compounds and bases.
Kanak HPLC™ columns have a chromatographic resin stable between pH 2-8. By virtue of its high ligand density, basic analytes display unrivalled peak shapes with high plate numbers. Utilizing Kanak HPLC™ columns with your HPLC instrument will offer the most reliable and reproducible results