Kanak HPLC™ columns contains a unique porous silica material based on proprietary science from Nanologica AB. This cutting-edge expertise in nano-materials provides the basis for an exceptional type of chromatographic material; uniformly spherical silica particles, densely functionalized with C18 ligands and thoroughly end-capped. Kanak HPLC™ columns offers an excellent peak shape and world-class efficiency with both neutral compounds and bases.
Kanak HPLC™ columns have a chromatographic resin stable between pH 2-8. By virtue of its high ligand density, basic analytes display unrivalled peak shapes with high plate numbers. Utilizing Kanak HPLC™ columns with your HPLC instrument will offer the most reliable and reproducible results.

Kanak HPLC™ columns are listed at USP
Brand Phase Base Material Particle Shape Particle Size Pore Size Surface Area Carbon Load End-capped USP L-Code
Kanak HPLC C18 Silica Spherical 2, 3, 5 µm 120 Å 300 m2/g 20 % Yes L1
Kanak HPLC C8 Silica Spherical 2, 3, 5 µm 120 Å 300 m2/g 12 % Yes L7
Kanak HPLC C4 Silica Spherical 2, 3, 5 µm 120 Å 300 m2/g 8 % Yes L26
Kanak HPLC Silica Silica Spherical 2, 3, 5 µm 120 Å 300 m2/g No L3
  • Densely bonded C18 ligand on high quality porous silica
  • Particles with a narrow size distribution range and a pore size of 120 Å
  • Excellent peak shape and efficiency with both neutral compounds and bases
  • Chromatographic resin stable between pH 2-10 (C18) and pH 2-8 (C4 and C8)
  • Outstanding reproducibility between columns and batches

Features :

  • Ligand coverage 3.6 μmol/m2
  • d90/d10 < 1.5
  • N0.5 (toluene) typically 80 000 plates/m
  • USP tailing (toluene) < 1.1
  • Reduced plate height (h) ≤ 2.0

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Kanak flash™ columns are produced with proprietary dry packing technique. This innovative technique composes a dense packed lot with tight band and symmetrical peak definition which leads to higher resolution and reproducibility. The innovative cartridge design embodies lure lock end caps for a quick, easy connection to the flash system. Kanak flash™ columns are compatible with all flash chromatography systems, such as ISCO, Biotage and Yamazen.
Kanak flash™ columns are available from 4 grams up to 1.6 kg column size allowing purification from 10 milligrams up to 160 grams. The enhanced product combined with the high purity silica gel provides an outstanding performance. Kanak flash™ columns ensure a fast and high-quality purification.