Kanak HPLC columns – C8

An alternative media to Kanak C18 that will give lower retention. Due to the more hydrophilic nature of the bonded phase, ionized acids and especially bases can have better peak shapes and slightly different selectivity compared to Kanak C18. Good choice for a mixture containing both moderately polar and very hydrophobic compounds.

Silica: Type B Silica Particle Size: 2.6, 3.5, 5 μm
Surface Area: 300 m2/g Pore Size: 110 Å
Pore Volume : 0.85 mL/g  Carbon Load: 7%
Ligand Density: 3.7 μmol/m2 Bonded Phase: Dimethylbutylsilane
End-Capping: Yes USP Code: L26
pH Range: 1-8

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