Nanghavi, founded in 2017, is a joint venture between the Swedish public listed company. Nanologica and The Sanghavi family in India. The two companies have joined together to manufacture high-quality HPLC columns and distribute them to the Indian market.

Nanologica is a Sweden based life science company founded in 2004. It is divided into two divisions; Chromatography and Drug Delivery. It is one of the leading research companies in nanotechnology and has several patents. It is well known for providing exceptionally high-quality HPLC media and columns for analytical and preparative purposes.

The Sanghavi family is based in Mumbai, India. They have been in the manufacturing business since 1989 and moved into the chromatography business in 2006. They specialize in catering to the dynamic needs of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The site is 25,000 square feet covered manufacturing area and is GMP certified for cosmetics.


Our vision is to strive to provide the best-in-class product with top-notch quality, reasonable price and guarantee customer satisfaction. We aim to be the largest manufacturer of HPLC columns in India with complete in-house manufacturing from Raw material to Finished product. Nanghavi is India’s own International Company.


We, at Nanghavi, want to contribute to finding more cost-effective ways to provide treatments for patients throughout the world. Through chromatographic applications, we are an active part in improving the productivity in the pharmaceutical industry


Trust, Reliability and Consistency